15. October 2018.

Catalonia’s Cult Theatre Group to Appear at Lisinski Hall

Lisinski Hall is hosting the famous La Fura dels Baus, a theatre group that pushes the boundaries of theatre and turns the stage into a playground abounding with fun, comedy, perils and fantasies!
Thanks to their pioneer approach in the new concept of theatre space and audience, ceaseless curiosity in exploring new artistic trends, unique style and aesthetics, La Fura dels Baus have developed an idiosyncratic way of combining technical characteristics with the artistic expression that the theatre and film world has recognized as the “Furan language”.
In Free Bach 212, singing and dancing mixed with court structures open the door to seduction, sensuality and hedonism, and interdisciplinarity and interactivity are just some of the particularities, with which this show enhances the experience. Start speaking the Furan language yourselves and get lost in the creative fantasies provided by La Fura dels Baus at Lisinski Hall on 7 and 8 December 2018.