26. April 2018.

Davor Rostuhar's Polar Dream at Sold-Out Lisinski Hall

Davor Rostuhar gave an inspirational multimedia lecture at packed Lisinski Hall yesterday. He will give another lecture at Lisinski Hall on 6 June 2018!
The unique and original project titled Polar Dream lasted for three years and resulted in a successful first Croatian South Pole expedition. Rostuhar's seventh book and first documentary are the crown of the project. The main topic and reason for Rostuhar's project was the research about “what a man needs to do to make his dream come true”.
To find the best answer to this question, the 35 year-old Davor Rostuhar took on a big challenge, started a large research project that took him to the very end of the world. He became the first Croat and the 26th person ever to get from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole „solo, unsupported and unassisted“. It means that he covered the 1,163 kilometre-long way by himself, on foot on skis, without using the external energy from wind, animals or engines. He pulled everything he needed for the 47 days that the expedition lasted on a sled weighing 137 kg at the start.
Rostuhar prepared for the expedition for three years.  While he prepared, he learned from the last traditional peoples living in the far north of our planet, the Inuit in the north of Greenland and the Nenets in the north of Siberia, and he also learned from the greatest living polar explorers in Norway.  To succeed in this last classic expedition challenge that no Croats had met before, he gathered the support of over one thousand good people, who he called his “Dreamer Tribe”, in one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in Croatia.
Since he returned to Croatia at the end of January 2018, he has completely committed to writing his seventh book and preparing a multimedia lecture. Together with his friend and director Đuro Gavran, he made his first documentary using the videos made during his journey. His book and film premiered in the Large Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall last night. This extraordinary event aroused so much interest that the 1800 seats at Lisinski Hall were sold out a month before the lecture. This is why another lecture at Lisinski Hall has been scheduled for 6 June. Tickets are already available.
The lecture at Lisinski Hall started the tour around the whole of Croatia. By autumn 2018, Davor Rostuhar will visit his dreamer tribe in about one hundred towns and cities in Croatia and its neighbourhood, share his experiences from the world’s farthest, most extreme and coldest continent and tell the audiences what he has learned about making big dreams come true. During the lectures, starting from the one at Lisinski Hall, Davor will also present his new project and new challenge that he is preparing for next year.
Davor Rostuhar has completed a number of successful projects and expeditions, such as the bicycle trip from Zagreb to Egypt, motorcycle trip from Zagreb to Cape Town, seven expeditions to the jungles of the Amazon and Papua New Guinea, etc. He has authored 6 travel books and the photo project National Geographic – Croatia from Above. He is the most read travel writer in Croatia. His new book POLAR DREAM – The First Croatian South Pole Expedition was extremely sought after even before its release and there are good indications that it will be his most successful book so far.