9. October 2020.

Hilarious virtuosi Igudesman & Joo are coming to Lisinski

For the fifth time in their career, fantastic duo Igudesman & Joo are returning to Lisinski to make you laugh uncontrollably!
This show is written, composed, and conceived by Igudesman & Joo and created in honour of the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. Come see this exclusive show in 2020, before it’s too late and the occasion ends! Otherwise you’ll just have to see it in 2021, and where’s the fun in that? 
Why did Beethoven dunk his head in cold water every day, you ask? Why did he love to throw soup around? Was his favorite fruit really “Ba-na-na-naaaaa”? If you didn’t understand those questions, especially that last one, you definitely need to come see this show. 
The show will be held on November 15th 2020 and tickets costing 130, 170, 210 and 250 kn are available at, and at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall box office. 
The sponsor of the concert is INA.