13. February 2019.

Important Notice for Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall Visitors

Visitors with tickets purchased through unauthorised ticketing websites will not be able to enter the Hall.
Dear visitors,
A large number of tickets purchased online through websites that are NOT authorised ticketing websites whose services are used by Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall have appeared lately.
Those tickets were purchased at significantly higher prices than the real ones. We would like to inform you that, in certain cases, visitors with such tickets will not be able to enter the Hall, because we have noticed that some of them do not contain security barcodes that are scanned at the Hall entrance, nor row and seat numbers.
To avoid possible unpleasant situations and protect you as consumers, we kindly ask you to purchase tickets for the events at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall either at the Lisinski Concert Hall box office or at and only and exceptionally also through other authorized online ticketing websites, which is specially indicated with each event on our website.
We also recommend that you consult the official Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall website regarding ticket sales points and ticket prices for each event.
As there have been several cases of abuse and use of other people's tickets, we recommend that you do not post pictures of purchased tickets with visible barcodes on social networks.
Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall