27. March 2018.

The Frajle - Second Concert Added

Due to huge interest, The Frajle will appear at Lisinski Hall on 7 May, as well
Four ladies... Marija Mirković, Nataša Mihajlović, Jelena and Nevena Buča are the members of The Frajle band. The fact that they are four vocals and two acoustic guitars cannot possibly describe what The Frajle are. Their remakes, which have been winning audiences since 2009, are their speciality that singles them out from other performers on the music scene and magnetically attracts audiences with different musical tastes.
... one show! The Frajle manage to do what many cannot understand – in their concerts, they keep the audience equally enthralled while performing a wide range of music from Russian gypsy music to current pop-rock songs. They sometimes seem like a cabaret troupe; their striking costumes contribute to that impression, making them significantly different from the rest of the scene.
Their years-long work has proven that they have a steady and recognizable presence on the music scene in the whole region. They bring something new with each album, but they also keep what has made them famous, gladly listened to and popular with large audiences throughout the region.
They will give two concerts at Lisinski Hall, on 24 April and 7 May 2018. Tickets for the second concert are available and can be purchased at and at the box office of Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.