1. February 2018.

Vlatko Stefanovski - In Anticipation of the Concert at Lisinski Hall

The greatest guitar virtuoso in this region, Vlatko Stefanovski, will present his new album, Mother Tongue, to the audience at Lisinski Hall on 17 April.
The Zagreb audience had an opportunity to listen to him in an electric version live within the Brijačnica festival on 20 January, when he presented a harmonious blend of his well-known classic repertoire and the songs from his new album.
“Already at the beginning, Vlatko immersed into the material from his new album Materinji jezik (Mother Tongue) with the instrumental Makedonsko devojče (Macedonian Girl). After that, the 7/8 measure remained the leitmotif of the concert to the delight of the audience that experienced the greatest rapture in the final, over the song Jovano, Jovanke.” Zoran Stajčić, Ravno do dna.
Vlatko Stefanovski has collaborated with Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg, Gibonni, Jan Akkerman, Stefan Milenković and numerous other globally known musicians. At the Brijačnica festival, he played with his trio.
“No matter how often I have listen to them, how many times I have watched Vlatko Stefanovski play the guitar, I am in awe over and over again. This was certainly the best playing of the whole Brijačnica festival. From Kao kakao and JovanoJovanke to 7/8 oro and Kalajdžisko oro, it was all masterfully, perfectly played, wonderful to listen to. There is not too much philosophy around them, just ‘one-two, one-two, one-two-three” and you embark on a journey that only this trio can take you on.” Nikola Knežević, Music Box.
It took Vlatko Stefanovski only a few days of motivation and inspiration to record nine instrumental gems on the new album. He will perform them in the magical environment of Lisinski Hall.
This is more than a good invitation to an evening of guitar prowess, Macedonian rhythm and beautiful melodies performed by Vlatko Stefanovski.
Photo: Filip Bušić