23. July 2018.

Zvonko Bogdan Celebrates his 50th Anniversary as Singer-Songwriter

In December, back in 1968, exactly 50 years ago, Zvonko Bogdan recorded his first authored song “Svake noći tebi pjevam” (“I Sing to You Every Night”).
On Wednesday, 19 December 2018, he will mark the 50th anniversary of his music career at the temple of Croatian culture. Together with his tamburitzans from the Vojvodina Radio and Television Big Tamburitza Orchestra, he will evoke the time of fifty years ago. He will sing urban traditional songs and romances of great artistic value that used to be performed a long time ago and are rarely heard today.

Accompanied by 22 musicians, the one and only guardian of the Bačka Plain’s future will lead the audience through his repertoire and sing his tamburitza hits: "Ej salaši na sjeveru Bačke” (“Hey You Farms in the North of Bačka”), "Govori se da me varaš” (“Rumour Has It that You Are Cheating on Me”), "Kraj jezera” (“By the Lake”), "Život teče u laganom ritmu” (“Life Passes in Slow Rhythm”), "Prošle su mnoge ljubavi” (“Many Loves Have Passed”), "Tko te ima taj te nema” (“The One Who Has You Doesn’t Have You”)... Fans of the Sevdalinka and Hungarian and Romanian romances will also not be unsatisfied.

Zvonko Bogdan dedicated his life to music, and music dedicated its moments to him. So let's enjoy this concert by top musicians and the magic of times past that will never return.