June 2023.
Sunday at 11:00 a.m.
Small hall

musical for children

Sunday U 11:00
Small hall
Organizer: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall
7.00 € 52.74 kn
7.00 € 52.74 kn
Did the evil wolf really eat a grandma, three little pigs, and seven little goats? Or is Little Red Riding Hood a bit too much under the influence of Facebook, Instagram and TV? What is actually the truth in all those stories will be discovered when Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf finally meet face to face! Followed by plenty of laughter, contagious music, moral and moments to remember.
"Speak of the Wolf – The Musical" is a completely new and creative way of bringing famous fairy tales to stage, that puts them in contemporary frames, in which both children and adults are bombarded with all sorts of information from ads and social networks. Trends in modern technology today point to one important thing that is many times ignored by both adults and children, and that is - critical thinking.
This musical with two playful actors brings a lot of memorable moments, a comedy that throws a new light on well-known stories and, in this way, encourages creativity, tolerance and a sense of justice in children.
Also, in this original musical performance, children can learn the value of friendship and trust the importance of personal contact and communication.
And above all, this is the theatrical work that will be fun for the youngest, and the older ones, with numerous memorable songs and fun word plays.
Will Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf eventually be reconciled? Can angry enemies become friends and can love for music and dance unite them? Come and see in the musical " Speak of the Wolf"!